What Inspired The Forever Wardrobe?


I know I’m not the only woman to have bought a great fitting dress to only wear it over and over. But I like to think there’s something in that; choosing to wear something simply because it makes you feel good, powerful or sexy, no matter how many times you’ve stepped out of the house in it. 

The forever wardrobe was inspired by this thought. Creating a collection of pieces that work on your terms, be it busy in the boardroom, travelling or wining and dining. When your wardrobe reflects a sense of control, it can limit the amount of time spent deciding what to wear or the need to shop for something new, and that is game changing. 

Taking a slow approach to design and construction, I wanted to make a conscious effort to deliver only the best in fit and fabrication. It’s a process that takes time. To me, it’s about allowing women to build a wardrobe from a foundation of quality, not just seasonal trend pieces that took four weeks to make.

Lauren Hutton famously said, ‘fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers, and style is what we choose.’ And she is so right. We may be apart of this cycle, but I like to think that by constructing designs that serve a purpose in a woman’s everyday life, she is then able to build her own style which incorporates more timelessness. Through this, I hope to reduce the amount of participation in the fast-fashion movement and encourage women to invest in fashion that they can get more from, for better. 

how to start building your forever wardrobe: 

1. embrace classic styles

Each RÚDI MIRO piece has been designed with an overall vision in mind: classic, timeless styles that can be worn from day to night, time and time again. For me, the shirt dress is a non-negotiable. It’s the one-and-done dress and has been for years. Wearable any season or occasion, it’s as simple as changing up the hair and shoe for a completely new vibe.

2. invest in a power piece

This becomes your go-to style that you pull out when you need to dress up your everyday essentials. An investment piece may feel a little costly at first, but when you break down it’s cost per wear you realise just how affordable it is. A black blazer is a great place to start.

3. understand colour blocking and layering

Working seasonal colours into a classic wardrobe of blacks and whites can instantly transform any tried and tested outfit; the same goes for layers. This isn’t about being complicated but more about creating combinations that are greater than the sum of their own, a.k.a giving you more wearability from one single item, like teaming a summer dress with a coat in winter.

4. appreciate construction, fit and the fabric

Making a quality garment, contains more elements then meets the eye. The production process is a work of art in itself and for those that skip on what one may think are unnecessary steps, the difference between those garments is game-changing. From the pattern making stages, building the components to the machine work, fabric selection and fit – the entire crafting process all connects back to what you eventually hold in your hands.

Laura x.


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