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spanish for ‘leap of faith’.

Starting a fashion label – actually, starting a brand – is no easy feat. There is so much to be considered that it can feel consuming at times. When you have spent years in the industry on the other side of the designing table, you quickly realise everything you do and don’t want to become.

If you were to ask us to recall the defining moments of the past 18-months, it would be hard to. At times, it felt like groundhog day; we’d take two steps forward and five back. But what may only be a year and a half on paper has actually been a lifetime in the making.

So, what keeps you going? It’s not just the childhood dream of being a fashion designer or the creative director of your own brand one day, but the reason why you’re designing, and more importantly, who you’re designing for.

We often laugh at the thought we’d have when times got tough… “start a fashion label they say, it will be easy they say.” Yet it’s this exact thought that has allowed RÚDI MIRO to become what it is today: a brand dedicated to slow fashion and fast wearability. It’s considered dressing without the fast-fashion mentality.

In an era where trends come and go, it’s hard not to feel consumed by what you’re wearing, or more so, what you’re not wearing. Allowing women to feel as though they can build a wardrobe that lasts a lifetime has always been our vision: one full of pieces they are proud to wear time and time again.

People will say that starting a new brand in today’s climate is challenging. Attention spans are shorter and loyalty seems hard to earn. Yet, we feel we have laid the foundations to what we know will become a label women all over the world will fall in love with and wear with pride.

From day dot our ethos has remained the same. RÚDI MIRO is unapologetically effortless. This collection, and those to follow, will forever be focused on delivering women styles they can feel comfortable, sexy and confident in, year-round. Because at the end of the day, this really is less about the clothes, and more about the woman and how she chooses to wear them.

It will never be the right time to jump, but when you’ve got to keep putting one foot in front of the other, there’s only one thing left to have… faith.

Esto  es  para  la  fe. Here’s to faith.

Laura x.


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  1. Jen November 23, 2017

    The website is beautiful and each piece looks refined and timeless. I know you’ll do amazing things from here on in. Congratulations!
    Jen x

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